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By February 1, 2019 Seafood

Seafood News Alert:

Fresh Halibut dropped a little for the weekend.

Extreme cold weather has affected fishing along the East Coast, especially in Atlantic Florida.  Many of the smaller vessels remained tied up waiting for slightly warmer conditions.  With that said, we buy from all over the world and are having great success with our South American fleet.

Weekend Seafood Specials:

Kingclip – Item 48170 – Whole

Kingclip – Item 48059 – Fillet – $9.98/#

Lane Snapper – Item 48178 – Whole

Lane Snapper – Item 48116 – Fillet

#1 Tuna – Item 48148

Sustainably Raised Farmed Florida Pompano

These 1-1 ¼ lb whole Pompano are from a hatchery in Florida and then ocean raised in Panama. They have complete traceability from egg to harvest with no added hormones. High in omega-3’s and recommended by Cleanfish. Sizing is excellent for a consistent cost and plate presentation.

Order by the pound.

Item# 48071 whole $6.99 lb

Item# 48171 butterflied attached at the tail $15.99 lb

February Oysters:

Sex on the Bay – Item 48831 – 100 ct bag

Cupid’s Choice – Item 48832 – 100 ct bag

We will have Sex on the Bay and Cupid’s Choice oysters available for Wednesday, February 6 delivery and expect to keep these all month long.

Download a February Oyster Menu here.  February 2019 Oyster Menu

Here’s a quick reference to our top selling seafood items updated twice a week by our seafood VP, Joe Bonura.

What Chefs Want Fresh Seafood List February 1, 2019

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