February Oysters

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Here’s the oysters we are featuring for February.

From the East Coast

Cupid’s Choice – Item 48832 – Prince Edward Island – 100 ct

Available Wednesday, February 6

Cupid’s Choice oysters are top grade choice oysters harvested in the pristine waters off of Canada’s Prince Edward Island. These oysters possess strong, clean rounded shells, with deeply cupped bottoms that encase full plump bellies. They are extraordinarily sweet with a sharp blast of brine.

Sex on the Bay – Item 48831 – Northumberland Strait – 100 ct

Available Wednesday, February 6

With its sparkling, slightly mineral notes, and unctuous finish, each mouthful is a caress to the palate, a sensuous invitation to pleasure. Generous and fleshy, this oyster is the epitome of voluptuousness. Cultivated in suspension, in the tumultuous waters of the Northumberland Strait, it has a clean, and uniform shell, making it irresistible. It will capture your senses and promises a gastronomic climax.

Connecticut Blue Points – Item 48577 – Long Island Sound – 100 ct

Connecticut blue points are harvested from native beds in a wild environment off the shores of Long Island Sound. The clean, high salinity waters of this area produce fat, salt infused, delectable meats. Connecticut Blue Point Oysters have a fresh, crisp, firm texture, with a sweet after taste that sparkles with salinity. Bottom cultured, these oysters have a hard round shell and a pronounced cup.
Crassostrea virginica

Chesapeake’s Best

Medium – Item 48575 – 30# case – 110 – 130 ct per case

Large – Item 48576 – 30# case – 80 ct per case

Chesapeake’s Best oysters are an easy opening, thick shelled oyster harvested out of the Delaware Bay in Port Norris, New Jersey.

From the West Coast

Ichiban – Item 48848 – Skagit Bay – 60 ct

The Ichiban oyster is a tide tumbled oyster from the south end of Skagit Bay in the north Puget Sound. Tide tumbling is a process that is utilized to produce an oyster with a deep, mature shell and excellent meat fill. The jostling of the oysters through this twice daily process controls the new growth of the shell, encouraging the oyster to produce a deep cup and full meat. The oysters tend to be mild in salinity, slightly sweet and have a lengthy cucumber finish.

Miyagi – Item 49183 – Puget Sound – 60 ct

From the foot of the Olympic Mountain range along the shores of Washington’s southern Puget Sound.  A beach farm raised oyster with smooth, tender meats and a savory buttery finish.  A heavily fluted shell makes this prime for shucking in large quantities.  3″ – 3.5″

Chef Creek – Item 04037 – Chef Creek, British Columbia – 60 ct

Chefs Creeks have the classic look: three-inch, skinny shells, not deep in cup, indicating fast growth in a suspended environment with good food supply; pure ivory meats with dark black mantles; and a big, creamy flavor.

Fanny Bay – Item 48839 – Baynes Sound – 60 ct

Sweet and salty, slight metallic taste, and a pronounced cucumber finish.

Fanny Bays were one of the first BC oysters to become widely available, and they’re still considered the archetypal BC oyster-smooth, but with a pronounced cucumber finish. Oyster town of Fanny Bay sits on Baynes Sound, of Vancouver Island, BC.
Fanny Bay Oysters life cycle: Oyster seed initially goes into tray for boosting then move on to the Fanny Bay beaches for the final grow out.

Download a February Oyster menu here.  February 2019 Oyster Menu

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