Item of the Day: Red Miso

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Red Miso

Namikura Aka (Red) miso is classified as a “red miso” due to being aged for at least 6 months and also by using less rice and more soybeans in its production. The longer miso ages, the darker and stronger is becomes. Miso is a fundamental core ingredient across all of Japanese Cuisine and Namikura Aka Miso is a standout example.  Namikura Miso Co is a family-owned, 5th generation producer that is highly regarded throughout Japan for its incredible depth of flavor and superb texture. The family prides themselves on being involved in every level of production, from hand selecting local ingredients all the way through to packaging.

Item 90019 – 2.2 lb. bag

Item of the Day: Seasoned Rice Vinegar

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Seasoned Rice Vinegar

Brewed in the traditional method, Nouka Genuine Brewed Seasoned Rice Vinegar from Hotaru Foods is a fundamental ingredient of Japanese Cuisine. Ideal for seasoning rice or for dressings, marinades, dipping sauces or any application that requires some acidity and seasoning.

Item 97304 – 1 Gallon

Item 90153 – 4/1 Gallon