Chafing Fuel / 6Hr Wicked – Item 99311   


Produced from pure DEG, it guarantees you the hottest single wick product available with no unsightly rust. This is the ideal product for extended banquets or catering, burning on average 5.5 hours. Because the fuel is DEG, your cans are cool to the touch and there are no shipping or storage requirements. LB700 is available in a 4-hour formulation – 24 ct. per case – with the same BTU/hr as the 300 product.

BLAZE produces the longest, hottest burning canned chafing fuel on the market. A trusted leader in the industry for over 30 years, BLAZE canned chafing fuel is used by top chefs at hotels, resorts, clubs and restaurants all over the world. As the only ISO 9000 certified manufacturer in the business, and with our strict independent testing, we guarantee you quality in every can.

A Kentucky Proud product.

Item 99311 – 24 Ct Case