Item of the Day: 38% Milk Chocolate Lactee Superieure

Milk Chocolate Lactee Superieure

Cacao Barry is renowned for its vision of the chocolate makers craft as an art form. Producing and selling the finest-grade chocolate in the world, Cacao Barry has a wide product range that’s a real favorite among the leading chocolate professionals. Milk Chocolate Lactee Superieure is a special recipe for fine moldings, coatings, pastry, ganaches, mousses, pralines interior ganaches, sauces, decorations, ice-creams, and sorbets. This is a dark colored cocoa for a sweet and strong milk chocolate.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), natural vanilla flavor, salt.

Item 92179 – 11 lb. bag
Item 94042 – 4/11 lb. bag case