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By February 4, 2019 Seafood

Seafood Market News:

  • Halibut, Swordfish and Tuna prices will be dropping on the back side of the full moon.
  • Walleye catches will pick back up now that the polar vortex has passed.
  • Gulf Grouper will be on a moratorium towards the end of February and will last 45 days.  It is the spawning period.

Here’s a list of our top sellers with pricing for the week.

What Chefs Want Fresh Seafood February 4, 2019

Need oysters?  Here’s our list for February.

February 2019 Oyster Menu

Here’s a few cool items brought in by our Florida fishmongers.

Lady Fish

Ponce Inlet, FL

Only available during the coldest months in large quantities.  This is an extremely sustainable fish.  We have just 30# in for some creative chefs to work with.  Makes great surimi!

Item 71167 – Whole – 2# each


Golden Tile

Ponce Inlet, FL

We are in the season now.  White and beautiful, some say this is better than grouper.  This is a local favorite and an amazing fish with beautiful skin that is great cooked.  Plenty in house.

Item 71158 – Whole – 10# average

Item 03341 – Fillets



Blackfin Tuna

Gulf – Offshore

A very affordable tuna that is recommended for grilling but can have very nice color inside.  10 – 20# average.  70# in stock

Item 98893 – Whole

Item 03502 – Loin

Want to see more?  Check out this short video of fish in stock right now.

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