Copper Shoals Red Drum / Red Fish

Copper Shoals Red Drum® are bred and hatched on two family owned and operated inland farms in Texas. The fingerlings mature in ponds filled with saltwater sourced from a Matagorda Bay system and saline aquifers. The red drum are fed a high-quality, high-protein diet composed of grains, vitamins, minerals, and fish protein from well-managed fisheries. Copper Shoals Red Drum® is raised free of hormones, antibiotics, and pollutants.

Redfish or Red Drum offers a mild, sweet flavor with a medium-firm texture. Try preparing the Redfish blackened or with other traditional Cajun spices.

Item 48074 – Whole (4-6 lb average)

Item 48072 – Skin-on Fillet by the pound

*Not available in all regions