A legacy of Mediterranean excellence

Experience the tradition and sustainability of PONS, where four generations have perfected the art of crafting exceptional olive products since 1945. Their commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices ensures every Arbequina olive is harvested with care, preserving the land and delivering unmatched flavor. With rigorous quality control and certifications, they guarantee excellence from farm to table. Discover the taste of Spanish heritage with a global perspective.

“From arbequina olives and from this land comes the best olive oil in the world”

Joan Pons(second generation)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Lemon

The citric olive oils are obtained by milling Arbequina olives from the Pons family groves with carefully selected fresh Spanish citrus fruits. The grinding is naturally done in a three stone mill, respecting traditional cold-processing methods. This combination gives off a unique aroma and an outstanding flavor, exquisite mixture of the lemon’s freshness and the sweetness of our delicate extra virgin olive oil. It is the ideal condiment for seafood, fish, vegetables, carpaccios and white meats, such as chicken.

  • 250ML – #18268
  • 6/250ML – #95434

Janiroc Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Made from more than 200 varieties of olives grown in L’Albages, this exceptional finishing oil has a perfume of delicate balance and a vibrant peppery touch. 

  • 500 ML – #31804
  • 6/500ML – #23720

Vinegar Chardonnay

Bittersweet wine vinegar of the highest quality of the Chardonnay variety and acetified using artisanal techniques. A soft transparent vinegar with good acidity and a touch of sweetness that is ideal for all seafood dishes. 

  • 16.9oz – #31170 

Black Truffle Oil

Regalis black truffle oil is made with the finest estate grown California extra virgin olive oil and naturally infused with the deeply earthy black winter truffles of Valencia, Spain. Sharing the same attributes as the Perigord black truffles, we find the Spanish black give more pungency and earthiness to the final product. The result is an aromatic blend perfect for poultry, braised meats, and rich-bodied sauces. 

  • 8.4oz – #95420 
  • 6 Ct – #95453 

White Truffle Oil

Real white truffle elevates this premium Spinach extra-virgin olive oil from Pons. This is the perfect condiment or finishing drizzle to liven up sauces, salads, and other fresh dishes from around the world.  

  • 8.4oz – #95421 
  • 6 Ct – #95454 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic

To obtain Pon’s Organic extra-virgin olive oils, the Arbequina olive groves are grown in Lleida, Spain without the use of pesticides during cultivation and harvesting. This results in an unadulterated oil with fruity flavor, delicate aroma, and slightly sweet taste. Each bottle of this oil is certified by CCPAE and USDA to guarantee its exclusive quality. 

  • 500ML – #95426 
  • 6/500ML – #95427 
  • 3 Liter – #95449 
  • 4/3 Liter – #95451 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina

From Catalonia, Spain, an extra virgin olive oil pressed from the pick of the Arbequina olive crop. It has hints of buttered sweetcorn, and the fruity aroma of apples and bananas. 

  • 17 oz – #95413 
  • 6/17 oz – #95469 

La Chinata Smoked Paprika

Smoked Paprika powder is the product resulting from the milling of ripe red peppers, dried in a traditional process with either oak wood or holm oak wood. It is cultivated and produced in the region of La Vera, located north of the province of Caceres, Spain. 

  • Sweet Paprika – 70 g – #97084  
  • Bitter-Sweet Paprika – 750 g – #96619 
  • Bitter-Sweet Paprika – 12/750 g – #45377 

Smoked Paprika Flakes Sweet

Smoked Dried Peppers are crushed into small flakes to give a new flavor to your kitchen. 

  • 500G – #31757 


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