Product Alert! Tight Markets for International Goods

By November 10, 2020 Chef's Feed, Gourmet, What Chefs Want

We want to keep you notified of ongoing shortages due to COVID. As the pandemic continues, we are seeing shortages on products coming from Europe and China. The list is small but continues to grow each day. These shortages are stemming from decreased production, decreased supply of packaging due to the rise in retail sales, and truck shortages once the product arrives in the USA.

Here is the list of affected products so far:

Grapeseed oil (Spain)
Truffle oil (Italy)
Pumpkin seed oil (Austria)
Dried figs (Turkey)
Coriander seed (Asia)
Nutmeg (Indonesia)
Cloves (Indonesia)
Marsala wine (Italy)
Aged balsamic vinegar (Italy)
Cinnamon sticks (Indonesia)

We anticipate this list to grow as the pandemic continues and more shutdowns occur throughout the world.

If you are curious if we have stock on a product, please send us a text at 502-587-9012. Our WOW Center team is available 24/7 to check inventory for you.

Please be patient with us as we go through this time with you.