From Tennessee’s Sequatchie Cove Creamery:


A Southern take on the classic French Morbier.

Item 91166 – 3.5 lb. wheel


Simple, rustic tomme, inspired by the French tome de Savoie.

Item 91165 – 3 lb. wheel

From Kentucky’s Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese:

White Cheddar

The perfect balance of robust flavor and rich taste, without harsh sharpness or dryness.

Item 91065 – lb. / Item 91896 5 lb. block

Chipotle Colby

Kenny’s Farmhouse Colby is extra creamy, fresh, with just a hint of sweetness, with the added flavor of chipotle.

Item 91134 – lb. / Item 91901 – 5 lb. block

Fromage Blanc

A fresh, yogurt-like cheese. A spreadable cheese made from whole milk.

Item 91884 – 5 lb. bag

From Indiana’s Capriole Farms:


An award winning cheese, this fresh goat log has a soft, fresh, slightly lemony taste.

Item 91025 – 5 lb. log


This cheese has a fresh, light, citrusy taste balanced by the sweetness and delicate flavor of goat’s milk. O’Banon is wrapped in chestnut leaves and soaked in Kentucky woodford Reserve Bourbon.

Item 91026 – 6 oz. piece

From Tennessee’s Sweetwater Valley Farms:

Smoked White Cheddar

Sweet and smokey white cheddar!

Item 91149 – 2.5 lb. block

Pimento Cheddar

Entice your taste buds with our cheddar cheese blended with pimentos.

Item 91245 – 5 lb. block

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