Item of the Day: Passionfruit Puree from Ravifruit

Passionfruit Puree from Ravifruit

Buy passion fruit puree today! Wonderfully versatile, you’ll become completely addicted to Ravifruit Puree and Frozen Preserves, especially during those hot summer months when sweet, frozen treats are a must. Ravifruit selects only the best fruit, harvests them at the peak of their freshness and quickly freezes them to retain flavor and texture – and no artificial preservatives or dyes are added. Buy Passion Fruit puree and enjoy its smooth texture, vibrant color, and the tropical pleasure of tart sweetness! Use this Ravifruit Puree to create sorbets, smoothies, ice creams, jellies and jams, sauces, pastry fillings. However, our favorite is frozen cocktails, only a blender and your favorite liquor needed! To use: thaw out in the fridge for about 12 hours, or at room temperature for 8 hours. Store in the fridge after opening and consume quickly. Product may be refrozen once defrosted and may arrive partially defrosted.

Item 94080 – 5/2.2 lb. case

Item 95874 – 2.2 lb. tub