Item of the Day: Sugar In The Raw

By October 13, 2020 Coffee, Item of the Day, What Chefs Want

Sugar In the Raw Turbinado Sugar

Sugar In The Raw Premium Turbinado Sugar is made from 100% natural, non-GMO sugar cane. The natural molasses in the crystals produces a distinctive taste, hearty texture and natural golden color (Because sugar cane is natural, crystals may cluster and color may vary). Use Sugar In The Raw in place of ordinary refined sugar, and savor the delicious old-fashioned taste! Hot or cold. Sprinkle it on cereal, add some sparkle to your muffins. Cook and bake with it too. Whatever you do, just do it with sugar in the raw.

Item 98597 – 2 lb. box

Item 98391 – 12/2 lb. box