Item of the Day: Beurremont Salted Butter 83% with Fleur de Sel de Guerande

If you’ve ever wanted a fabulous butter that would transform your baking, pastries and life in general, look no further than Beurremont 83% butter. Made in the European style, Beurremont is creamy, rich and superbly flavorful – and made right here in America!

Adored by the best chefs in America, this salted European-style butter will make your pastries and crusts flakier, giving a rich French touch to your sauces, ganache and clarifications – and even your morning toast. Beurremont butter is made hours after the milk is milked from the cows, and restocked every 5 days – so it’s incredibly fresh. The 83% denotes the butterfat content, which means the flavor is richer and it also means that a little goes a longer way – you can use up to 25% less butter in your recipes than with regular butter. Its low in moisture and high in creamy, rich butter flavor.

With a touch of fine sea salt from Guerande for added flavor and sophistication, and in a French-style roll presentation, this is an upgrade to your regular table butter. Perfect for hotels, catering, restaurants and B&Bs.

Item 93069 – 1 lb. log

Item 93029 – 12 count case