Item of the Day: Raw Knuckle & Claw Lobster Meat

Lobster – meat, knuckle and claw. 2 pound each.

Greenhead Lobster is a family owned company, Hugh Reynolds, the owner is in this photo with one of our fishermen. We buy from a fleet of 140 independent fishermen and women who haul in their catch daily in the Penobscot Bay, an area renowned for high quality, sweet Maine lobsters. Our island community is rooted in the lobster industry, it’s a beautiful way of life from the boats in the harbor to the local coffee shop chatter every morning. There.s one bridge connecting our chain of 3 islands to the main land and annually it sees more pounds of lobsters in transit in comparison to the landing reports for any other region of the state.

Item 49123 – 2 lb / Item 49122 6/2 lb case frozen