Item of the Day: Maple Leaf Farms Duck Fat

By August 3, 2020 Chef's Feed, Gourmet, Item of the Day

Whether sauteing, baking or making sauces, Maple Leaf Farms All Natural Duck Fat brings unique flavor and texture to every application. Duck fat is a healthier animal fat alternative to butter or pork fat and compares favorably to olive oil in terms of polyunsaturated fats. In addition, duck fat is high in vitamin E and is 40% lower in saturated fats than other meat and poultry fats.

Cooking suggestions for Rendered Duck Fat: Get crispier hash browns, fried potatoes or french fries; Add flavor to sauted vegetables;  Enhance pastries and other baked goods; Make more flavorful sauces and gravies; Pan fry meat or seafood; Coat bread to make bruschetta or croutons.

For more info about Maple Leaf Farms check out their website here.

Item 39326 – 3.5 lb. tub / Item 00844 – 3/3.5 lb. case