How to find where a customer’s truck is

One of the common questions you will get is, “Where’s my truck?”  Here’s how to find this information.


Search for the customer’s order using the directions outlined previously.

Once you have the order up, hit “T” for Trip

This brings up the Trip Entry screen.  Line 1 shows the route number.  Line 7 shows the driver.  Enter “U” for Update.

This screen shows the stops this driver has made and how the stops are ordered.

We can see that the driver has been to Magnolia Springs, J. Alexanders, California Pizza Kitchen, Yang Kee Noodle and Bristol East.  He has arrived at Brasserie Provence and is still there.  If you were speaking to someone from Southeast Christian, you could tell them that the driver is coming to them next.  If you are speaking to someone from Havana Rumba Middletown, you can say, “the driver has 3 stops before coming to you”.  It is not a good practice to give out actual times as we have no way of knowing for sure when the driver will arrive.  Several factors come into play here: traffic, how big the delivery is, if there are any problems, distance between stops, etc.  You can make an estimate if the customer insists but be sure to tell the customer it is just an estimate.