How to Search for an order

Go to the Sales Order Entry screen.

3 – Sales Orders –> 1 – Sales order entry

Upon entering that screen, then hit “S” to highlight Search on the bottom menu.

Hit Enter to bring you to this screen.  Then hit “s” enter to search for the customer.

Type in at least 3 characters to search.  For this example, I am searching for the Test customer.

Arrow down to the customer.

Then hit Enter.

Hit Enter 3 more times.  Now you will see this screen with all the orders placed for this account.

Here you can see the S/O # (invoice number), ST – Status.  Here’s the different Status types:

T – Transferred to AR, O – Open, has not been shipped, or S – Shipped

You can make changes to a Shipped or Open order, but no changes can be made to a Transferred order.

You can choose a sales order, click enter and then open that sales order.   Or you can hit “L” for Lines to see the items on the order.

You can hit “E” for Entry to bring you to this screen to see what is on this sales order.

If you need to add an item to this order, hit INSERT and then “s” enter to search for the item.

If you need to delete an item, hit DELETE.  You will get a pop up that looks like this:

The default is no.  You will need to arrow up to Yes to delete the item.