How to find information about a product

We strive to make sure all our items have a description and a picture.  It’s easy to find this information in Ppro.

While on any screen, hit F10.

If you know the 5-digit item code, you can enter it here or hit “S” enter to search for an item.

Let’s find out information about squid.  Upon pressing “s” enter, type “squid”.

Hit enter twice to be brought to all of the items in Ppro that have the word “squid” in the description.  Arrow down to the item you’d like to know more about.  In this case, Squid Tubes & Tentacles 4/2.5# CS.

Hit enter to be brought to this screen.

Here, you can see the warehouse this product is stored.

Quick warehouse code glossary:

BR – Brokerage

BT – Bardstown

CG – Louisville

CI – Cincinnati

CS – Columbus

IN – Indianapolis

LE – Lexington

NA – Nashville

To see a picture of this product, hit “a” for Attachments.

This is the picture of the product.

To find information on this product, hit “.” Then “I” for Info.

A pdf will open with the picture and description of the product.  This is the same info a customer will see when they are online or on the app.

Descriptions and pictures are maintained by our Digital Content Creator, Joey Mudd, with the help of the purchasing team.  If you see incorrect information, please send a Zendesk ticket to Joey Mudd as part of the Marketing team and he will update.

If you need to find out if the product is stored frozen or fresh, follow these steps.

While a warehouse with inventory is highlighted, hit “L” for Location.

Look at the default pick location on line 1.

If the pick location starts with an “F”, that item is housed in the freezer.  If the pick location starts with a “W”, the item is housed in the dry warehouse (meaning it is shelf stable).  All other pick locations are refrigerated areas.

What if you need more information about this product?  The purchasers are your first choice for finding out more information.  Let’s find who the purchaser of a product is.

Follow this path.  10 – Master Files à 1 – Product files à 1 – Products

Or hit the speed key, .34

If you know the item code, hit “f” for Find and type in the 5-digit item code.

Or hit “s” for Search and then search for the item.  Let’s look at that squid we were looking at earlier.  It is item 48508.

This screen has lots of information, most of which is used by the purchasers.  Line 8 has the Buyer.  For this product, the Buyer is KB.  You will get to know the employee codes of the purchasers well.  KB is Ken Berry.  If you’d like to find out that information, ask your neighbor; it is likely they know.  In the event no one is available, go to line 8 and then hit “s” enter to search.

You will see a list of all employee codes.  Be careful, though, you don’t want to accidentally change the purchaser; hit escape after viewing these employee codes.