How to place an order using a Profile

ALWAYS use this method first as this will have the pack size/type of products a customer prefers.

Follow this path to get to the order placement screen:

1 Produce Pro –> 3 Sales Orders –> 1 Sales Order Entry or use the speed key .11 when on any menu screen

Hit “A” for ADD

Next hit “S” enter to search for the customer.  Enter at least 3 characters to find the customer.

And select your customer by hitting enter.

Today’s date is automatically populated.  Select the delivery date.  You can do this one of four ways.

  1. Use the + and – keys to change the date.
  2. Enter in the 6 digit date. For example, October 10, 2017 would be 101017.  No spaces, dashes or slashes.

Hit “C” enter and be taken to a calendar to select the date by using the arrow keys. If you need to advance to the next month, use the “Page Up” key.

You can also hit “S” to search for available delivery days. This is helpful for customers who are restricted to certain delivery days.

Once you have selected the date, press enter.  Hit enter again to get through the Pick Date (line 5).  Never change the pick date.

Along the bottom of the page is the list of commands.  PPro defaults to Order as the next selection.  This is the preferred method of entering an order and uses the customer’s Profile.  Using a customer’s profile minimizes errors and is the default method to enter an order.  Hit enter to select Order.

This will take you to the customer’s order guide (profile).  Here is our TEST customer’s profile.  From here, you can use the arrow keys to select the items the customer needs.  In this example, the customer ordered 1 case of carrots, 1 case of roma tomatoes, 1 case of yellow onions, 2 bags of chopped romaine, 2 each heads of iceberg lettuce, 1 case of 4 oz. beef patties, 1 case of 5 oz. chicken breasts and 1 box of 12” film wrap.

Some order guides are quite long.  You can filter the order guide by hitting the space bar.  In this instance I wanted to find all the patties on the profile, so I typed in “pattie”.

Which brings you to this screen.

Enter the quantity needed, then escape.