How to sequence a Profile

Go to the Customer Master Page of the customer.

Hit P for Profile

Then arrow down to SEQUENCE.

Go to Sort Profile.

Determine the Sort Order.

Hit S enter to search for the available options.

The most commonly used sequences are DESC and DEPT:

DESC – Product Description – sequences the items alphabetically

COMM – Commodity – groups the items by Commodity (drills it down more from the Department.  This will break the profile into each commodity, Apples, Baking, Asian, Beets, Beef – Boxed, Seafood – Frozen, etc. and is usually not what the customer wants

DEPT – Department – groups the items by Department (Produce, Meat, Seafood, Disposables, Dairy, Staples) this is usually what a customer wants if they would like to see each of these products grouped together.

CLAS – Class – groups the items by Class (drills it down more than Department, but not as much as Commodity.  Keeps like items like Asian Products or Beef together, but would not group things like Beef and Poultry together)

Hit G for Go then enter to sequence the profile