There will be times when a customer will need credit for items they have purchased.  Here are some things to keep in mind about credits.

Please review the Credit/RMA Policy before continuing with this tutorial.

  • WOW Center agents are only able to enter credits for the same day. Accounting must enter any credit from previous days
  • RMA vs. Credit. An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is entered if a product needs to be picked up and returned to us.  A credit is issued if the product will not be picked up.
  • Any frozen item that is returned must have been kept frozen. It cannot be thawed.
  • Products must be returned in their original packaging and must be the full amount.
  • Any previous day credits or RMA’s for seafood must be approved by the seafood team.
  • Any credits or RMA’s for meat items must be approved by the meat team.
  • Use good judgement and ask questions when necessary. Will we give credit on lettuce from a week ago?  Probably not.  Will we give credit or pick up paper cups that have not been opened from a week or more prior?    Many things factor in to whether a credit can be given.  Ask questions.

RMA Entry

RMA’s are issued when the product will be picked up and returned to our warehouse.  Credit is not given to the customer until the product has been received in our warehouse.  A customer will not see an immediate credit when issued an RMA.

To enter an RMA, hit F9 while on any screen and then enter to go to Adjustments (Credits)

Hit “r” for RMA or use the arrow keys.

Hit “s” enter to search for the customer.

Arrow down to the customer and hit enter.

You do not need to add anything in the Cust refr field.  Hit enter to go through that field.

Enter the credit instructions.

Next, hit Escape to be brought to this screen.

Hit enter to be taken to the Lines.  This is the default.

Hit “s” enter to search for the sales order number.

I will be entering a credit on the tomatoes from the order delivered on 01/17/19.  Arrow to that sales order and hit enter.

Next search for the line on the sales order by hitting “s” enter.

Arrow to the tomatoes.

Hit enter.

Enter the quantity.

Enter the reason (mistake) code.  You can search for the appropriate code.  In this case, the mistake code is PQ for Poor Quality.

The next line is to restock the product or not.

Poor quality items do not get restocked, so leave this entry “N”.

You do not have to enter anything in the Adjustment Instructions.  Just enter through.

Continue hitting enter to get to this comment field.

Enter the comment with the resolution.

Hit Escape two times.  You will get a prompt to backorder.  In this instance a backorder is not necessary as the customer will reorder. Enter 0 for the backorder quantity.

Then hit escape.  The RMA is now in the system.  The next time an order is delivered to this customer, the item will be picked up.


The credit entry process is the same as the RMA process except when you get to the Adjustment Header Entry after hitting F9, hit “A” for Add instead of “R” for RMA.  All other steps are the same.

You can also search for credits.  To do this hit F9 and enter to be brought to the Adjustment Header Entry screen.

Hit “s” for Search.

And “s” enter to search for the customer.

Let’s see what credits Jack Fry’s has in the system.

You can select any credit to see it or hit “L” for Lines to see the products on the credit.

You can see the item on the bottom of the screen.

If a customer would like a copy of this credit, enter onto the desired credit to bring it up and hit “P” for Print.

A default printer is shown.  However, there are many options for printing.  Hit “s” enter to search for printers.

Each region has its own printer.  You can also email a copy to the customer.  Find the EMAIL    EMAIL PDF PRINTER.

A list of emails in Ppro that are attached to the account will come up.

Use the space bar to select/deselect an email address.  If the email address is not listed, deselect all.  Hit enter.  In this example, I deselected all of the available email addresses and will send this to myself.

Enter the email address and subject line.  You can also enter a comment if necessary.

If you do not enter a comment, just keep hitting enter.  If you do enter a comment, you have to hit escape to send the email.

These printing instructions are the same when printing an invoice or a report from Ppro.  The only exception is when you are printing an invoice, go to Invoice when the order has been pulled up.