Produce Pro Hot Keys are shortcuts within produce pro.

This is a list of the commonly used Hot Keys for WOW Center team members.  There are many more that are used by other departments.


.11 – Go directly to a Sales Order

.32 – Go directly to Customer Master

.34 – Go directly to Product Master

.ps – Go directly to Push Notification

.ti – Go directly to the Transportation Dispatch screen


In addition the function keys are shortcuts in Ppro.  These are the function keys WOW Team members use.

F4 – Use to send a message to a driver.

These messages come through the driver app as a push notification.  This is a useful tool when you are not able to reach the driver via phone call or text.

Upon hitting F4, you will see this screen.

Hit “A” for Add.

Search for the driver for whom you’d like to send the message.

Hit enter

Enter in the description (subject), change the priority to Yes, if necessary, enter through the expiration and type in the body of the message.

Hit Escape.  Hit enter to Send the message.

If the driver responds, you will get an email notification.

F9 – takes you to many utilities.

The most commonly used utilities reached by F9 are Adjustments (Credits) and Customer Pricing.

F10 is a very useful tool.

F10 will take you to the inventory screen when you are anywhere in Ppro and is very helpful for finding out if we have stock on an item and when the item is expected to be back in stock if we are out.

In this example, a customer is inquiring when we will get fine ground black pepper back in stock.  Hit F10 and then “S” enter and search for “pepper”.

After hitting page down a couple of times, I found the fine/shaker ground black pepper and see that we have 0 on hand and 0 available, but 30 expected.

Arrow down to that item and hit enter to select it.

You will see the available inventory in all warehouses.

Arrow down to the warehouse that shows a value in the Expect column, then press Enter.

Here you will see that we expect to receive 30 of this item on 12/07/18 meaning it would be available to the customer on 12/08/17.

To find the location of the product:

  • Arrow down to the warehouse
  • Hit “L” for Location

  • Hit Enter to be brought to this screen

The Default pick location is where the item is located.  Pick locations that start with W are in the dry warehouse and are shelf stable.  Pick locations that start with F are in the freezer.  All other pick locations are refrigerated.

Download a printable version here:

Produce Pro Hot Keys and Function Keys