How to place an order using Entry Mode

You can also enter items via “Entry” mode.  By default, always look for items on a profile first.  There will be times when a customer requests an item not on their profile.  If that is the case, you may search for the item in Entry mode.  Once you have started an order following the steps on the Profile order entry tutorial, select “Entry” on the bottom row, by hitting “E” or using your arrows to highlight and then press enter.  You can go between “Order” and “Entry” modes while on the same order.

This brings you to a blank order screen or, if you have entered items in “Order” mode, those items will show up as well.  If items already exist on this order, hit the Insert key to add another item.

Next, search for the item(s) you would like to add to the order by pressing “S” enter and entering in at least 3 characters to find the item(s).  Let’s look for film wrap.

Here are the 3 types of film wrap we carry:

We’ll select the 18” by pressing enter and then enter the quantity needed; in this instance 1 box. Be sure to press enter until you get to a new line or the item you entered will not be saved.

Now hit escape until you get out of the Sales Header Entry page.  The order is now in the system and will be processed.

What if the customer has now decided to order 2 boxes of film wrap?  To get back to a previous line, hit Escape.  Now you can modify the quantity and use the arrow keys to move to another item, if needed.