Customer Master File is the place where we begin the setup process in Produce Pro (PPro for short) for all new and existing accounts.  It serves as the primary information page that controls many day to day functions.  The accounting department will set up all new accounts but it is the responsibility of the Managing Partners and Customer Advocates to maintain these master files and make sure information is current.

In order to access these files follow these steps:

1 – Produce Pro –> 10 – Master Files –>  2 – Customer Files –>  1 – Customers

You can also access this by hitting .32 while on any menu.

This will take you to the Customer Master Maintenance screen.

Hit “S” for Search, which takes you to this screen:

Then input the account you are looking for.  For this example we will use the TEST account.  You must enter at least 3 consecutive characters when searching for anything (customer, product, etc.) in PPro.  Next arrow to the customer you are looking for and hit enter.

Which will take you to the Customer Master Maintenance screen.  Like this.

This screen is the primary source for contact information for an account.

Line 12 Contact – please enter the best contact person (Please also enter this person as a contact.  Tutorial follows)

Line 13 Remarks – this could be anything.  For example “Call after 10:00 AM” or “Always call Jeff first”, etc.

Line 14 – Fax – self explanatory

Line 15 – email address – self explanatory

Line 25 – Produce categories – we will get into those in another training lesson