Zendesk Talk (Phone Calls)

Our phone calls are routed through Zendesk.  You will use your computer and a headset to answer these calls.  Here’s some policies for handling phone calls.

  • Answer each phone call with, “Thank you for calling What Chefs Want. This is (your name).  How can I help you?”
  • Smile, literally. A smile can “translate” through the phone, causing your voice to sound friendly and warm.  But be careful not to “smile” at a very angry customer.  Wait until the time is right.
  • Reflect and validate. When a customer is upset or frustrated, they might not be able to take in what you say – even when it’s the right answer.  First, really listen to help them calm down.  After saying all they need to say, they’re more likely to be receptive to hearing the solution you offer.
  • Tell your customers you understand their problem and the reason for their call.  Make sure they feel heard.
  • Give the customer time. Let the customers vent if they need to, even if you understand the issue right away.  People often need to finish expressing themselves in their own way before they are ready to proceed.
  • If the call is an order placement, enter that order into Produce Pro while on the line with the customer.
  • Be courteous and empathetic towards the customer. When a customer has a problem and is agitated, get as much information as you can to help correct the problem and help to prevent it in the future.
  • Try to solve the problem yourself. Offer any assistance you are at liberty to give and don’t make promises you cannot keep.
  • Repeat back what the customer has told you in a supportive way.  This demonstrates that you understand the problem.
  • Communicate hold time. Before you put someone on hold, get confirmation that it’s OK to do so.  General rule: don’t leave a customer on hold more than 2 minutes without checking back, even if it’s to say it may take longer.  If you know it will be an extended hold, tell them ahead of time.  Offer to call or text back, if that’s preferable.
  • Ask questions of the appropriate teams to give the best answer possible.
  • End on a positive note. Thank the customer and tell them to have a good day.