What power do I have as a WOW Center agent?

  • Credits/RMAs (pick ups)
    • We are allowed to place credits or pick up requests on products if the customer requests the credit or pick up on the same day the delivery was made with two exceptions. Seafood pick ups or credits must be approved by the seafood production team and any large meat pick up or credit has to be approved by the meat production team.
    • Any credit or pick up request that is more than 24 hours old must be forwarded to the accounting department.
    • Always ask the customer if a recovery needs to be made and if the recovery is needed the same day or the customer can receive the following day.
    • If a customer was subbed a higher price product, we are allowed to give credit for the difference via a price adjustment credit. For example, a customer ordered a 5/3# of spring mix at $43, we were out of that size and subbed 5 – 3# boxes at $12.95/box.  We can credit the price difference.
  • If a customer calls asking for an update on their delivery time and requests the driver to come to them earlier, we are NOT allowed to re-route the driver. You must contact the dispatch in that region to see if re-routing is a possibility.  The region’s dispatch has the final say on all re-routing.