Name Region Office Cell Title Email
Aaron Wannemuhler Louisville 615-717-5323 VP of Operations
Abby Turnier Louisville 502-272-2105 502-554-2376 Louisville Accounting
Adam Lasita Cincinnati 859-462-6737 Coordinator of Value-Add Products
AJ Cheek Chattanooga 706-464-3384 WCW SE Strategic Consulting/Business Development
Alex Deskins Louisville 502-533-6684 VP of Finance adeskins@whatchefswant.ocm
Amy Lester Louisville 502-741-5520 Inventory and Purchasing Administrator
Ana Ibarra (Belem) Bardstown 502-348-1188 Accounting Bardstown
Andrew Bird Chattanooga 423-280-2650 Territory Manager – WCW SE
Anthony (Tony) Speratos Lexington 859-312-0928 Lexington Operations Manager
April Smiley Columbus 614-469-4888 Accounting – Columbus
Ashlee Foust Louisville Eaches Team Manager
Audrey Nelson Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Beth Bowyer Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Blake Widner Cincinnati 423-967-4191 Logistics Supervisor – Cincinnat
Bluefin Louisville 502-587-1505 Bluefin Direct Number
Bob Brown Cincinnati 513-714-2642 Production Manager – Prep Kitchen
Brad Cox Chattanooga 423-320-2007 Territory Manager – WCW SE
Bradley Medley Bardstown 502-507-0990 General Manager – Bardstown
Brandon Lyon Louisville 502-587-1505 Inside Chef – Seafood
Brian Curry Louisville 502-645-8021 Butchery Processing Manager 2nd shift
Brian Lasita Cincinnati 513-309-0434 Director of Food Safety – Cincinnati
Brian Stoess Louisville 502-296-6073 Butchery Ground Manager 1st Shift
Caleb Melcher Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center Agent
Carl Edenfield Chattanooga 423-653-5328 WCW SE Shipping (Night)
Catherine Gormley Louisville 502-272-2128 Accounting Lexington/Evansville
Chanel Smith Nashville 615-618-9205 VP of Purchasing & Production
Charlie Sprowls Nashville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Chay Sorasin Louisville 502-657-6259 Purchasing Assistant
Chris Beavers Louisville 502-587-1505 Seafood Receiving and Inventory
Chris D Catanzaro Springfield 937-605-0889 Springfield Dispatch – weekend
Chuck Giller Columbus 614-469-1492 614-582-1966 Customer Advocate – Columbus
Chuck Hamman Dayton 937-926-6011 Customer Advocate – Cincinnati & Dayton
Cincinnati Dispatch Cincinnati 502-657-5659 Cincinnati Dispatch
Claudia Priddy Louisville 502-645-9471 Customer Advocate – Louisville
Cliff Richey Columbus 614-949-9015 Customer Advocate – Columbus
Clint Logan Bowling Green
Cody Thomas Louisville 502-262-4238 Night Operations and Compliance Manager – Louisville
Cora Mulder Louisville 502-272-2114 Accounting Indianapolis/Chattanooga
Cory Mollak Louisville 502-657-6260 502-420-8759 Director of Seafood Operations
Cory Williams Louisville 502-272-2122 Director of Paper and Commodity Foods Purchasing
Dallas Adcox Nashville 615-417-6396 Warehouse Manager – Nashville
Dan Thompson Louisville 502-657-5657 502-592-7312 Inside Chef – Protein Division
Danielle Sanborn Cincinnati 502-272-2109 Institutional Coordinator
David Holder Chattanooga 423-883-4595 WCW SE Food Safety
David Williams Nashville 615-838-6678 Receiving/Shipping – Nashville
Dawn Calhoun Lexington 859-519-7025 Lexington Ops
Dean Campbell Louisville 502-272-2130 502-599-2267 Butchery Production Manager
Dennis Thomas Louisville 502-541-0040 Customer Advocate – Louisville
Dominic Catanzaro Springfield 937-605-0887 Operations Manager – Springfield/Dayton
Eric Harrod 859-319-8472 Assistant Dispatch Manager
Erin Hardin Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Gaines Smith Chattanooga 423-240-7815 Territory Manager – WCW SE
Garrick Fields Louisville 502-272-2112 502-376-3427 VP – Facilities & Safety
Gayle Hobbs Louisville 502-587-9012 Accounting – Louisville
Heather Sloan Louisville 502-272-2129 HR Manager
Howie Edds-Noe Louisville Assistant Night Cases Manager – Louisville
Hunter McKinney Louisville 615-618-7434 Butchery  – QA / Inventory Administrator
Ian Navarro Nashville 662-701-7430 Vice President Marketing & Inside Sales
Jack Brasuell Nashville Operations Manager – Nashville
Jad Davis Cincinnati 502-657-7395 Receiving / Shipping – Cincinnati
Jan Nunez Louisville Assistant Night Eaches Manager – Louisville
Jason Harris Louisville Night MCF Build Manager – Louisville
Jason McCullough Chattanooga 228-365-3414 WCW SE Operations
Jason Van Cleave Louisville 502-272-2132 502-905-0116 Night Operations Manager
Jay Vance Indianapolis 317-402-7179 Customer Advocate – Indianapolis
Jeff Ash Cincinnati Receiving / Shipping – Cincinnati
Jeff Lasita Cincinnati 513-309-0248 General Manager – Cincinnati
Jenny Stahl Cincinnati 502-272-2120 HR & Accounting Assistant – Cincinnati
Jeremy Keller Louisville 502-587-1505 502-648-5341 Seafood Inside Chef
Jerry Lasita Cincinnati 205-272-2121 Cincinnati
Jesse Gleason Cincinnati Director Of Maintenance – Prep Kitchen
Jim Bibb Louisville 502-500-9298 Managing Partner- Louisville
Jim Scurlock Columbus 614-961-7404 Customer Advocate – Columbus
Jim Walker Louisville 502-272-2111 Vice President/CSO
Joe Bonura Louisville 502-587-1505 502-639-1600 Vice President/Bluefin Seafood
Joe Campbell Louisville 502-657-6263 502-498-3097 Louisville Dispatch
Joe Re Cincinnati 513-602-9342 Vice President of Prep Kitchen
Joe Werth Louisville 502-272-2115 Louisville Dispatch
Joey Mudd Louisville 502-587-9012 502-991-2115 Digital Content Manager
John Egerton Indianapolis 317-318-5996 Customer Advocate – Indianapolis
John Lubay Louisville Assistant Night Cases Manager – Louisville
John Pottkotter Columbus 614-309-3152 Customer Advocate – Columbus
John Thomas Louisville 502-657-6264 502-905-1719 VP of the Butchery
Jonathan Martin Lexington Lexington Dispatch
Jonathan Smith Columbus 614-562-5508 Customer Advocate – Columbus
Joseph Turner Louisville Louisville Night Cases Manager
Josh Coletta Cincinnati 513-260-9854 Warehouse Manager – Cincinnati
Josh McClellan Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center Agent
Julie Crawford Nashville (270)339-9462 QA / Inventory Administrator – Nashville
Julie Pate Louisville 502-657-5911 Accounts Payable
Karin Vihlidal Louisville 502-587-1502 Seafood Purchasing Manager
Kelly Probst Louisville 760-815-8660 Director of Purchasing – Seafood
Kenny Pendergrass Chattanooga 423-648-0591 423-240-7802 VP Purchasing – WCW SE
Krey Keeney Louisville 502-272-2116 502-379-0514 Director of Specialty Produce Purchasing
Kyle Glazier Cincinnati 513-260-5818 Night Operations Manager – Cincinnati
Kyle Saxton Louisville 502-548-1319 Fleet Manager
Lamar Blake Nashville 615-642-7028 General Manager – Nashville
Lamar Cloud Chattanooga 423-240-3335 WCW SE Shipping (Daytime)
Lauren Conkin Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Lauren Lasita Cincinnati 859-322-1584 Customer Advocate – Cincinnati
Lindi Biles Lexington 859-230-5580 Managing Partner- Lexington
Lisa Roby Bardstown 502-348-1188 Accounting Bardstown
Lori Dooley Louisville 502-272-2104 502-523-7227 Accounting Manager
Lynnette Jones Louisville 502-272-2101 502-762-3319 Director of Customer Experience
Mark Williams Nashville 615-310-2250 Purchaser – Nashville
Marshall “Blake” Roby Bardstown 502-249-1446 Institution Facilitator
Martin Davis Columbus 614-469-0804 Customer Advocate – Columbus
Marty Alexander Bardstown Customer Advocate – Bardstown
Mary Ann Thomas Louisville 502-272-2119 Accounting Nashville
Matt Crouch Louisville 615-975-7405 Louisville Warehouse
Matt Kenney Louisville 708-227-4864 E Commerce – Feed the Party
Matt Ransdell Lexington 859-536-6209 Customer Advocate- Lexington
Matthew Dixon Chattanooga 423-648-0588 678-923-4683 CO-President/VP Sales – WCW SE
Matthew Griffin Nashville 615-992-5115 Dispatch Manager
McClain Brown Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Meg Shoemaker Louisville Night Operations and Staffing Manager – Louisville
Melvin (Ron Zirnheld) Louisville 502-272-2103 502-396-6193 Louisville Receiving
Michael O’Brien Chattanooga 423-648-0587 850-525-5060 General Manager – WCW SE
Mike Artrip Nashville 615-512-4283 Broker – Nashville
Mike Legg Louisville 502-422-0715 Butchery Processing Manager 1st shift
Mitch Laibl Columbus 614-469-1493 614-955-0314 Columbus Dispatch/Receiving
Mollie Turnier Louisville 502-272-2124 502-664-0849 CEO
Monty Crawford Nashville 270-584-0246 Chief Operating Officer- Southern Territories
Murray Nicholson Nashville 615-947-7056 Director of Business Development – Nashville
Myles Colbert Chattanooga 423-648-0590 704-345-8598 Program Sales Manager – WCW SE
Nancy Yeager Columbus 614-469-1494 Purchasing – Columbus
Nashville Office Nashville 502-882-4285
Nashville Receiving Office Nashville 502-657-5964
Nick Parker Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Night Manager and Inside Chef
Nick Platt Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Nick Rehm Louisville 502-272-2125 Corporate Accounts Manager
Nick Smith Indianapolis 812-322-7483 Indianapolis Ops
Norenzo Rhodes Nashville (615)578-4135 Assisitant Night Operations Manager – Nashville
Paige Dill Chattanooga 423-648-0583 Customer Service Supervisor – WCW SE
Pamela McCullough Chattanooga WCW SE Accounts Payable & Human Resources
Patricia Enriquez Louisville 502-272-2117 502-376-7902 Director of Gourmet Foods – Purchasing
Paul Jarecky Cincinnati Assisitant Night Operations Manager – Cincinnati
Paul Parker Chattanooga 423-240-4936 WCW SE Driver Manager
Pete Catanzaro Springfield 937-324-2100 Customer Advocate- Springfield/Dayton
Phil Olympia Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Rachel Moran Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Inside Sales
Randy Bush Evansville 270-929-1633 Managing Partner- Evansville/Bowling Green
Randy Smith Nashville 615-405-8439 Director of Proteins – South Division
Richard Wilhoite Louisville Assistant Night MCF Build Manager
Rob Webber Louisville 502-272-2108 502-797-4105 Chief Operating Officer- Northern Territories
Robbie Noble Nashville 615-828-0435 Director of IT & Operations
Robert Swift Chattanooga 423-305-2557 WCW SE Co-Owner
Ron Turnier Louisville 502-272-2106 502-664-4707 President and CFO
Ryan Hall Louisville 502-657-6256 502-442-3367 Director of Protein Procurement and Logistics
Ryan Williams Louisville Night Operations Manager – Louisville
Sabrina Sullivan Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Agent/Assistant Inside Chef
Sarah Re Cincinnati 513-314-3355 VP of Institutional Business
Scott Catanzaro Springfield 937-605-0890 Springfield Dispatch
Scotty Sprouse Nashville 502-657-6294 615-268-9981 Director of Operations-Nashville
Sean Bachan Nashville 615-485-2557 Customer Advocate-Nashville
Sharon Lasita Witsken Cincinnati 513-582-7233 Customer Advocate – Cincinnati
Stan Hunt Columbus 614-469-4885 614-406-1678 Purchaser-Columbus
Steve Turnier Louisville 502-272-2113 502-639-5123 Director of Produce Purchasing
Steven Sprowles Louisville 502-587-1505 Seafood Night Operations Manager
Tom Dawson Louisville 502-657-6295 502-649-4166 Beef Market Coordinator
Tom Leigh Louisville 502-587-9012 WOW Center – Night Dispatch
Tony Speratos Lexington 859-312-0928 Lexington Dispatch
Tonya McClure Chattanooga 423-265-1345 Customer Service – WCW SE
Van Campbell Louisville 502-777-7672 Market Development Specialist
Vicki Anderson Chattanooga WCW SE Accounts Receivable
Vontrell Whaley Nashville 615-983-1301 Assistant Dispatch Lead
Wes York Louisville 502-641-6296 Louisville Warehouse
William Blair Louisville Butchery Ground Manager 2nd Shift
William Coode Cincinnati 503-616-1107 Route Training Lead
William Dugan Bardstown Schools Purchaser