Corporate Account issues Submit ticket to Corporate in ZD
Call Nick Rehm (in Zendesk)
Meat Questions Submit ticket to Meat Production
Call Dan Thompson (in Zendesk)
Call Ryan Hall (in Zendesk)
Seafood Questions Submit ticket to Seafood Production
Call Jeremy Keller (in Zendesk)
Direct customers to call or text 502-587-1505
Special Orders Submit ticket to Purchasers.
Use Special Order Request macro
Credit/RMA requests – Same Day Can be entered by WOW within 24 hours
Use Credit/RMA Request – Same Day macro
Check with Meat & or Seafood team for RMA and
credit approvals
Credit/RMA requests – after 24 hours Submit ticket to Accounting
Use Credit Request after 24 hours macro
Anything related to schools Submit ticket to Schools group
If a school account starts with YKY or YIN or YOH,
do NOT add to or submit orders.  You may submit or
add to schools that do not have YKY, YIN or YOH.
JCPS school questions go to Lynnette (in Zendesk)
Delivery Date – Friday School must order by previous Monday
Delivery Date – Monday School must order by previous Tuesday
Delivery Date – Tuesday School must order by previous Wednesday
Delivery Date – Wednesday School must order by previous Thursday
Delivery Date – Thursday School must order by previous Friday
Corporate Customer wanting an off day delivery Check with the appropriate region to see if this is
possible.  If it is, enter the order and add RD in line
16.  Inform the customer there is a $35 fee.
Red Lobster, Outback, Carrabbas, Bonefish 5:00 PM cutoff time for next day produce delivery
Do NOT change delivery day after cut off
DO NOT REASSIGN TEXT MESSAGES -EVER You must submit a separate ticket if you cannot
answer the customer’s question