How to place a web order

Go to

Click on Customer Login

Enter the login and password.  Logins and passwords are not case sensitive.

Enter the delivery date and click Submit

Here is the screen you will be brought to.

If you hover over the headers at the top of the screen (Produce, Meats & Proteins, etc.), you will see a drop-down menu of items to choose from.

The four boxes below the Weekly Market Review are rotational hot lists.  For instance, when clicking on Got Bacon?, you will see a list of bacons we carry.

At any time, you can click on the Chat button to speak with a member of the WOW center.

To add items, either type in the quantity or use the + or – keys to change the quantity.

If the you click on the red X to the right of the quantity, the item will be removed from the order guide.

Additional information is available on most items.  To access this information, click on the item.  For example, here is what is shown upon clicking on Cheese – Burrata 4 oz Balls.

If a you would like to order an item that is not on the profile and are approved to do so, look through the categories across the top of the page or use the search bar to search for an item.

For example, let’s see what plates we carry.  Go to the search bar and search “plate”.

This search returned all items with “plate” in the description or keywords.

If this is an item you would like to add to your profile, click on the blue heart.

Once the you are finished adding items to your cart, click on My Cart at the top right corner of the screen.

You will be brought to this screen to review your order.

You can modify your order, return to shopping or continue to checkout.

You can add a PO number if necessary, an email address and general comments.  Please be aware that the General Comments section is not a place to add items to an order or make changes to products on an order.  These comments will not be seen in time to make those type of changes.  It is also important to note that any major routing changes (you have moved or need your delivery made to a different location) should not be added to general comments.  Requests like these must be called in.

Next, click on Approve Order.  You will see an order acknowledgement and will be sent an email to the contact set up to receive order confirmations.

Upon scrolling down, you also have the option to print or download the order, add a new order or exit.

You must get to this screen for the order to be submitted.


Website Features

In addition to placing orders, you can look up your order history, edit your contacts, see your billing information, print out price lists, run reports on specific product lines, change your password, contact us and pay your invoices via credit card from the website.

These features are all on the drop-down menu accessible by hovering over the person icon in the top right corner.

Order History

Enter the search parameters and click on Submit.

Here is a list of the orders this customer has received.  Clicking on the sales order will bring up the order summary.

My Contacts

Clicking on My Contacts will bring up the contacts currently attached to your account.

You can edit or delete a contact by clicking on the buttons for the desired contact.  You can also add a contact by clicking “Add a New Contact” at the bottom of the contact list.

Billing Information

Clicking on Billing Information brings up the billing info and account balance.  This cannot be updated by the customer.  Changes to billing information must be done by calling customer service.

Price Lists

Upon clicking on Price Lists, you can print different price lists for the current week.  Use the drop-down menu to choose and then the email address desired to have the price list emailed.


The reports feature lets you see what you have purchased during a specified time range.  There are three reports to choose from:

KY Proud Purchases – intended for customers who are eligible for rebates through the KY Proud program

Regional Purchases KY TN IN OH – Lets the customer see what they have purchased that is local

Product Class & Dept Summary – Shows what items were purchased for each department.  This is useful when a customer needs to know all meat, seafood, paper products, etc.

Choose the report, enter an email address, choose the date range and click on Submit to have the report emailed.

Change Password

Contact Us

This feature prompts the user to fill out a form that will be seen by the WOW Center.