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Two Brooks Rice

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Mike Wagner began his dream of owning a rice farm 35 years ago during a college class. Over time, as a 10th generation American farmer, he bought his own plot of land in the Mississippi Delta, graded and cared for it so that he could grow health-conscious varieties of rice in a way that not only benefits the consumer but the environment.

If you’re interested in how your food and farming practices impacts you – and the world around you – then you’ll enjoy this episode with Mike Wagner. Plus, he talks about the difference between building and sustaining and offers a unique perspective on food production that we can’t wait for you to hear!

Tasting dirt with Mike Wagner


 Two Brooks Missimati Rice – Item 96614 – 2 lb bag



Southern Foods

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Item 00573-  Lady Edison Boneless Ham – 13 lb avg.











Item 92217 – Weisenberger Yellow Grits – 2 lb bag









Item 93507 – Local Sorghum – 20 oz jar









 Item 97222 – Bourbon Barrel Foods Smoked Sugar – 13 oz jar







Item 91214 – Sweetwater Valley Farms Buttermilk Cheddar – 5 lb block








Item 02857 – Christie’s Southern Butter Pecan Cookies – 165-1.45 oz cookies per case






 Item 50004 – Green Tomatoes (For Fried Green Tomatoes!) – lb






Item 95022 – Benton’s Hickory Smoked Sliced Bacon – 1 lb pack






 Item 20308 – Collard Greens – 24 ct case