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Two Brooks Rice

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Mike Wagner began his dream of owning a rice farm 35 years ago during a college class. Over time, as a 10th generation American farmer, he bought his own plot of land in the Mississippi Delta, graded and cared for it so that he could grow health-conscious varieties of rice in a way that not only benefits the consumer but the environment.

If you’re interested in how your food and farming practices impacts you – and the world around you – then you’ll enjoy this episode with Mike Wagner. Plus, he talks about the difference between building and sustaining and offers a unique perspective on food production that we can’t wait for you to hear!

Tasting dirt with Mike Wagner


 Two Brooks Missimati Rice – Item 96614 – 2 lb bag



Item of the Day – Cajun Popcorn Rice

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 Cajun Country popcorn rice highlights rice varieties grown in Louisiana that have fragrant qualities. The rice is very popular because of its unique taste and aroma. It adds a warm essence and lively character to any dish. Popcorn rice is a long grain and can be enjoyed with any recipe. We especially love to accompany it with red beans.
Item 98338 – 20 pound bag

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