How to run a Profile Analyzer

Follow this path:

3 – Sales Orders –> 14 –> Sales reports –> 11 – MORE … –> 4 – Customer buying patterns

Select the configuration, Weekly Cal : Weekly Calls

On line 1, select the printer you would like to use.  Enter “1” go get to line 1 and then “s” enter to search for available printers.  Once on the printer screen, you can start typing a printer name to jump to it or use the arrow keys to find the desired printer.

B – Browse (report will open up in Ppro)

EMAIL – report will be emailed to you in pdf form

X – Export (report will be exported to Excel and emailed to you)

If you pick X for Export, another screen will pop up; hit escape to go out of that screen.

Or you can choose the printer in your region and print directly.

On line 4, enter the dates you would like this report run.  Default dates are for the last week.  You can enter the date in 6 digit form (100818 for October 8, 2018, for example) or hit “C” to bring up the calendar.  To navigate the calendar, use the arrow keys to move on the current calendar or the Page up or Down keys to change months.

Next, enter the customer on line 5.  Hit “5”, then enter in the customer code or hit “s” enter to search for a customer.

For this example, I will be emailing the report to myself, for the customer, Jack Fry’s for the last 6 months.

Enter “g” for Go to run the report.

When you get to this screen, enter the email address you would like this report to go to and a subject, if needed.

This report shows the items sold with the product number, quantity, how many orders, average price and last sales date.  It’s a good report to run to determine items that a customer used to buy but have stopped buying.

For example, this customer purchased 30, 5# bags of Ruby Trout, but has not had an order since 11/04.  Could there be a menu change or is this customer buying this product from a different vendor?