Understanding Produce Categories

Produce Categories help us organize our data in Produce Pro, are used when running reports, are used pricing and other functions in Ppro.

To see and edit the Produce Categories of a customer, pull up the customer’s Customer Master.  Line 25 shows the Produce Categories assigned to a customer.

As you learn more about our company, some of these categories will look familiar.  If you’d like to find out what these 2 digit codes mean, you can enter 25 to go to line 25, then use the arrow keys to go to an open spot.

While in the open space, hit S enter to search for Produce Categories.

You can use the arrows to scroll through the list or use the Page Up or Page Down keys.  You can also start typing the produce category to jump right to it.  In this instance, let’s find what the category LO refers to.

I inputted LO and see that category is Louisville.

There are categories assigned to each Customer Advocate, some chain restaurants, regions, etc.