How to Enter a Standing Order

Standing orders of stock product can be entered by anyone.  A standing order of a special order product must be entered by the purchaser of that product.

Standing orders are populated on Sundays for the coming week.  If you enter a standing order on a Monday, the orders won’t be created until the following Sunday for the week ahead.

No special cut meat or Prep Kitchen items should be put on a standing order to be delivered on Mondays.  We do not process meat or Prep Kitchen over the weekend, so there would be no way to produce these items in time for a Monday standing order.

If a customer wants to make a change to a standing order for one week, be mindful that the changes have to be made after the orders populate on Sundays.

Standing orders can only be made weekly, not bi-weekly or monthly.

Go to the customer master page of the customer who needs the special order.

Hit the “.” Key and then “s” 5 times to get to Standing.

Enter the product code or “s” enter to search for the product.

Enter the quantity for each day needed.  In this example, I have entered 1 case of red delicious apples to be delivered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If a customer already has a standing order for any product, hit Insert to add another line for a different product.