How to Exclude a Product for a Customer

There may be instances where a customer never wants to get a certain product.  Produce Pro can exclude a product making it unable to be ordered.  For example, Test Customer never wants 5×6 tomatoes.

Go to the Customer Master Maintenance page.  1 –> 10 –> 2 –> 1.  Or by hitting .32

Search for the customer

And select the customer

Hit the “.” Key to bring up the secondary menu and then hit “E” until you highlight “Exceptions”.  You can also use the arrow keys to navigate to “Exceptions”.

Hit enter when you have reached this screen

Hit the Insert key on your keyboard to insert a new exception.

Hit “S” enter to search for the item then type in the item.

Arrow down until you have found the item.

Hit Enter.  You can add an expiration date if that applies.  You can also leave that field blank and the item will not have an expiration date.

Hit enter 3 times to bring you to the next line.  You can continue adding exclusions if needed, or you can hit escape three times to go back to the customer master.  You must enter through to the next line.  Otherwise, your exclusion will not be saved.