How to Build a Profile in Entry mode

There are 2 ways to build a customer’s profile, ENTRY or BUILD.  Let’s work with ENTRY first.  From the Customer Master Maintenance home page, hit “P” until PROFILE is highlighted.

Hit enter which takes you to this pop-up:

Select ENTRY by pressing enter.

Here you can start adding items to a profile.  To enter an item either input the Creation Gardens – What Chefs Want 5 digit code or search for an item.  For example, let’s add fresh carrots to this profile.  Hit “S” for Search and enter which brings us to this screen:

Enter the item you want to search for (in this case, “carrot”).  You must enter at least 3 characters for PPro to search.  Do not enter anything on the “Packaging” line, just enter through.

Choose which item you would like to add.  For this customer, let’s add the top item, CARROT – BULK 50LB CASE by pressing enter.  Hit enter 2 more times to take you to the next line on the profile.

Keep adding items to the profile using the method above.

If you are adding items to an existing profile, hit the END key, then INSERT to add another item.