How to set up an auto-substitution or prevent substitutions of a product

Go to the Customer Master Maintenance page and bring up the customer.

Hit “.” And then go to Exceptions.

Go to More Information, Product

If there are currently auto-subs in place for this customer, this screen will appear.

Hit enter to select any product.

Hit “A” for Add

For this example, we will say that anytime this customer is shorted Thai Basil, they would like to have regular basil.  In this screen, hit “s” to search for Basil.

Then select Thai Basil

Enter through the fields on the first page.

If this customer never wanted a substitute on this product, you can put a “Y” in line 1 Prohibit Substitutions.

For this instance, however, the customer would like the Thai Basil to be auto-subbed.  Continue hitting enter to get back to the first page.

Then hit “S” for Substitute.

Hit enter

Hit “S” enter to search for the product.

Select the product you want to be auto-subbed.

You can modify the ratio if needed.  This product is 1 pound of basil, which would be equivalent to 1 pound of Thai Basil.  However, you may want to set up an auto-sub of two items that are not of like pack size.  In that instance you may need to adjust the ratio.  (ex. Subbing 2 – 10# cases of something for 1 – 20# case).  Once you have entered through to the next line.

You can then hit escape 4 times to get back to the Customer Master Maintenance page.  Now the Test customer will always receive Basil in the event the Thai Basil is shorted.