How to add Routing and Delivery notes to a customer

If a customer has specific delivery instructions that need to be permanently added to a customer’s master file, follow these instructions.

Go to the customer master page.  Follow this path:  10 – Master Files à 2 – Customer Files à 1 à Customers.  (or use the hot key .32)

Search for the customer by entering “S” for Search or using the arrow keys to navigate to Search

Enter at least 3 characters to search for the customer.

Hit the + key 9 times to come to this screen:

Enter the number 3 to enter (or change) Routing Instructions.

Hitting the Tab key will clear the field (this is universal in Ppro.  Tab always clears out a field) or update the text in the Routing Instructions as necessary.  Dispatch will see these instructions.

****It is important to also talk with dispatch to make sure the routing request can happen.****