How To Run A 5 Month Trend Report

After entering Produce Pro, go to 11 –> Sales Analysis –> 5 Sales analysis reports –> 10 MORE –> 8 Sales analysis comparison.


Enter the Customer Category(ies).  For this example, I used ID for Indianapolis.

That will bring you to this screen:

If you are running this report at the end of a month, leave the month on line 7 the same.  If you are running this at the start of a new month and you want to see the months prior, change the month to the prior month.  For example, if I am running this report on May 1, 2018, I would not want May’s numbers included since there will be very little.  Change the month to the month prior (in this case 04/18).

On line 1, select the printer you would like to use.  Enter “1” go get to line 1 and then “s” enter to search for available printers.  Once on the printer screen, you can start typing a printer name to jump to it or use the arrow keys to find the desired printer.

B – Browse (report will open up in Ppro)

EMAIL – report will be emailed to you in pdf form

Or you can choose the printer in your region and print directly.  Be aware that these reports are quite long for some regions and you may want to default to emailing them to yourself.

Hit “G” for Go:

Then enter your email address and a subject.

Continue hitting enter and the report will come to your email.