Giving Back

I've been very impressed by the unparalleled array of services and high quality products offered by What Chefs Want. On a daily basis, you make a profound difference in the health and well being of so many while also providing delicious, great tasting food and meals. The efficiency of your 7-day a week business operations quickly and cost effectively connects US Farmers, food partners and artisan suppliers to more than 16,000 customers across 10 states. I have no doubt about the ability for What Chefs Want to successfully access high quality food from struggling farmers, food partners and suppliers and then quickly process and package that food for those who face hunger due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Michael J. HalliganGod's Pantry Food Bank

Creation Gardens has an extensive delivery network and the capability to get needs fulfilled within a business day - a luxury I did not expect as I entered the hospitality industry. As we entered the COVID-19 crisis, they volunteered whatever they could to facilitate feeding our city. They are communicative and fair, and offer a high level of service to all customers, large or small.

Chef Edward LeeLEE Initiative

“Creation Gardens is a stand out example of the type of foodservice companies operating in Kentucky. As the tagline for your company states ("What Chefs Want"), Creation Gardens is committed to buying local because you know that chefs want to purchase local, fresh, farm products and incorporate them into the dishes they serve to customers. Your team has been a critical partner with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in developing innovative, local protein products like Kentucky Cattlemen's Ground Beef. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Creation Gardens team has been resourceful and responsive by working with my office, farmers, retailers and everyone in between to support America's hardworking producers during this trying time for our country.”

Dr. Ryan F. Quarles - Commissioner of AgricultureCommonwealth of Kentucky

Sharing is Caring.
I picked up 1 of 200 free chef boxes for furloughed foodservice professionals curated by What Chefs Want, ACF Colorado Chefs Association, River Bear American Meats and others today and shared it with 2 other households. ❤️ Zoey (our yellow lab) thanks all who donated to the cause. ???? ????

The generosity and kindness of @whatchefswant has completely blown me away!! We have been able to provide groceries to our furloughed staff, keeping bellies full and minds happy!! Humanity is not dead! Endless thanks.