Produce Market Report for August 19, 2022

Right now California is experiencing humidity and fog combined with high heat during the day. This paired with the concerning soil conditions is leading to very low lettuce harvest numbers. This is affecting icebergromaine, romaine hearts, and green leaf. The spotty quality is making it hard to harvest and hard to pack. Prices are elevated and quality is a concern.

These conditions are also impacting the strawberry market. Harvest and availability are down. Quality concerns and elevated prices here too. 

Problems and Issues:

Asparagus: Remains very high

Cucumber: Up $2

Green Bell Peppers: Up significantly

Lettuce: Extremely elevated, possible quality issues 

Limes: Up again – $3

Potatoes: Remain very high

Romaine: Extremely elevated

Romaine Hearts: Up $10

Squash: Up $7 

Strawberries: Up significantly, some quality issues

Tomatoes: Up $5


Apples (Gala & Golden Delicious): Prices increasing

Green Onions: Prices up 

Herbs (Cilantro & Parsley): Prices up 

Oranges: Prices up 

Red Bell Peppers: Prices remain high

Steady Items:

 Bananas, Broccoli, Brussel’s Sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery, Eggplant, Grapes, Green Bell Peppers, Kale, Lemons, Melons, Onions, Peaches, Shallots

Prices coming down:

Avocados: Continuing downward trend 

Corn: Down $2

More Market News

Idaho potatoes, as well as other potato varieties, are one of the biggest produce concerns at this time due to the gap in growing seasons. This is impacting all sizes and grades. While demand exceeds supply and quality is a concern – we will all need to be flexible and open to alternatives. 

The tight colored pepper market continues and is projected to get worse before it gets better. Hoping for a better yield in September. 

We are heading into a gap in the domestic orange growing season. Supplies are getting tight and prices are trending upward. Limes are in shorter supply and prices are increasing.

Watermelon prices are elevated and supplies tight due to heavy rains in the current growing regions. 

Cilantro and Parsley numbers are down as well – supplies are limited and prices are elevated. Cilantro continue to trend upward. Green Onions are elevated as well. 

Corn numbers are starting to improve and prices are trending downward. 

Peak season for stone fruitgrapes, and melons coming from the west coast. Harvest numbers are great, prices are good, quality is a good as it gets!