Produce Market Report for July 22, 2022

For the first time in nearly two decades there will be a gap in the Idaho Potato crop. The heat and drought during the 2021 growing season led to farmers finishing up several weeks early. Additionally, cool and wet temps during the beginning of planting the 2022 crop has led to delays with harvesting the 2022-23 crop. 

There are national struggles with corn as well. Successful Farming reports only 15% of corn is silking right now compared to the 5 year average of 25%. We are able to source some product but prices are extremely elevated. 

Problems and Issues:

Asparagus: Up $10! Challenging quality

Cauliflower: Up $4

Corn: Up $12!

Grapes: Up $5

Green Bell Peppers: Up significantly

Potatoes: Up again, significantly!

Red, Yellow, and Orange Peppers: Market remains tight and prices high

Romaine Hearts: Market remains tight

Strawberries: Up $2

Tomatoes: Up $5

Blueberries: Limited supply and higher prices, relief coming soon

Romaine: Starting to steady
Steady Items:

Bananas, Broccoli, Celery, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Grapes, Lemons, Lettuce, Limes, Melons, Onions, Peaches, Shallots, Squash
Prices coming down:

Avocados: Prices continue trending downward

Brussels Sprouts: Harvest numbers increasing and prices trending downward

More Market News

The conditions in the east coast growing region continue to be a mixed market. Produce is coming from several different farms spanning across several states. Due to weather conditions and the ever-changing growing areas – it makes it challenging to firmly report prices and quality on eastern grown produce at this time. 

As mentioned above; Idaho potatoes, as well as other potato varieties, are one of the biggest produce concerns at this time due to the gap in growing seasons. This is impacting all sizes and grades. While demand exceeds supply and quality is a concern – we will all need to be flexible and open to alternatives. 

Weather conditions, labor shortages, and freight limitations are a few of the leading causes of tight supply and high prices. Romaine and Romaine Heart supply continues to be light and prices high. 

Overall, tomatoes are higher that usual but round tomatoes should be trending down soon. Roma’s are tight due to a gap in the growing season in the East. 

Let’s wrap up on some good new! Grapes and melons coming from the west coast are maturing – the harvest numbers and quality (sugar content) continue to improve. The avocado market also continues to gradually improve.