Produce Market Report for June 24, 2022

Jumbo asparagus will be very limited with sizing smaller than normal.  Large asparagus sizing is also going to be a bit smaller than normal.  Domestic asparagus is done and Peru is transitioning growing regions.  Probably no consistent relief for this for another 3-4 weeks.  

Reminder: The gap in the growing season for fingerling potatoes continues till at least mid July. Romaine Hearts continue to be difficult as the harvest numbers are low and prices are increasing.

Asparagus:  Up $2

Avocados:  Up Significantly

Bananas: Steady

Broccoli: Up $5

Cauliflower: Up $6

Celery: Down $2

Corn: Up $2

Cucumbers: Steady

Grapes: Down $3

Lemons: Steady

Lettuce: Up $2-3

Limes: Steady

Melons: Steady

Onions: Steady

Peppers: Green Steady – Colored Peppers up $5-6

Potatoes: Up $3-4

Shallots:  Steady

Squash: Up $3

Strawberries: Steady

Tomatoes:  Steady to down slightly

More Market News

Unfortunately, no changes in the avocado market – supply continues to be tight and prices remain high. There are not any signs of this changing any time soon.

Reminder: the gap in the growing season for fingerling potatoes continues till at least late summer. Potatoes are typically harvested during the late summer/early fall. This harvest is intended to supply the remainder of the year – there is not a second round of harvest. The 2021 harvest has been depleted which has resulted in the gap in availability.

Romaine Hearts continue to be elevated as harvest numbers are very light. Supply will likely become increasingly tighter. The same for Iceberg lettuce.

We are in a tough spot with colored peppers. California has halted to harvest due to weather. There will be a 1-2 week gap before the new growing region takes off. Green peppers are looking steady.

Italian Parsley harvest numbers are steadily improving – hopefully the cost will improving soon too!

Strawberries are looking great – expectational taste and color at great prices.