Produce Market Report for June 10, 2022

Market Alert: Romaine, Romaine Hearts and Brussels Sprouts
Romaine and Romaine Hearts harvest numbers are down causing supply to be tight. The same continues with Brussels Sprouts.

Asparagus:  Steady. Good value!

Avocados:  Remains strong

Bananas: Steady

Broccoli: Unchanged

Cauliflower: Steady

Celery: Down $2

Corn: Down $5.  Great quality!

Cucumbers: Steady

Grapes: Down $4

Lemons: Steady

Lettuce: Steady

Limes: Down $2-3

Melons: Down $2

Onions: Down $2

Peppers: Green Down $5  

Potatoes: Steady

Shallots:  Steady

Squash: Steady

Strawberries: Down $2

Tomatoes:  Steady

More Market News

Grapes are coming down in price. As the new crop strengthens the quality and flavor continues to improve.
There will be a gap in the growing season for Fingerling potatoes. This will lead to shortages and higher prices for the next month or so.
Asparagus quality and price are looking great!
Brussel Sprouts are still high in price as the market is very tight.
Estimated 2 month gap in availability for sunchokes.
The orange market is steady, but prices are still up.
Cauliflower prices are a currently down, but still bouncing. Broccoli is steady.
Yellow squash and zucchini market remains steady but higher than average prices.
The lime market is down and steadying!
Avocado supply remains low and prices remain high.