Produce Market Report for June 3, 2022

Market Alert! Grapes and Fingerling Potatoes

Grapes growing region has transitioned causing pricing to temporarily, yet significantly, rise. New crop should be plentiful soon causing prices to level out.The gap in the growing season for fingerling potatoes continues, leading to shortages and higher prices.

Apples: Steady

Asparagus:  Down again.  Very nice quality!

Avocados: Remain strong

Bananas: Steady

Broccoli: Steady

Cauliflower: Down significantly

Celery: Down $5

Corn: Down $5

Cucumbers: Steady

Grapes: Up $8.  NEW CROP

Lemons: Steady

Lettuce- Stabilizing

Limes: Down and steady

Melons: Coming down some.  

Onions: Steady

Peppers: Green steady.  Colored up $5

Potatoes: Steady

Shallots:  Stable

Squash: Steady, good value.

Strawberries- Steady

Tomatoes: Down $4

More Market News:

Grapes have transitioned to a different growing region causing supply to be down and prices to be up. Supply and prices should steady in the near future.
There will be a gap in the growing season for Fingerling potatoes. This will lead to shortages and higher prices for the next month or so.
Southern Peaches are available and looking great!
Brussel Sprouts are still high in price as the market is very tight.
Estimated 2 month gap in availability for sunchokes.
Romaine, Iceberg and leaf lettuce have steadied. Celery has steadied and is down some.
Smaller oranges are still pricey, larger ones remain the greater value.
Cauliflower prices are a currently down, but still bouncing. Broccoli is steady.
Tomato market is improving as the growing region transitions.
Yellow squash and zucchini market is bouncing but steady overall.
The lime market is finally coming down and steadying!
Avocado supply remains low and prices remain high.