Produce Market Report for May 20, 2022

Market Alert! Celery and Fingerling Potatoes

We are seeing very tight markets in both celery and fingerling potatoes. For celery, the prices are elevated due to low production numbers. Harvest is limited to a small number of areas. There will be a gap in the growing season for fingerling potatoes leading to shortages and higher prices.

Apples: Steady

Asparagus: Steady. Very nice quality!

Avocados: Up $5

Bananas: Steady

Broccoli: Steady

Cauliflower: Remains higher

Celery: Up Significantly

Corn: Steady

Cucumbers: Steady

Grapes: Steady

Lemons: Steady

Lettuce: Remains active, slightly tighter

Limes: Down significantly

Melons: Coming down some

Onions: Remain strong but easing a bit

Peppers: Green steady. Colored up $5

Potatoes: Steady

Shallots: Stable

Squash: Stabilizing, good value

Strawberries: Up $2

Tomatoes: Up $4-5

More Market News:

There will be a gap in the growing season for Fingerling potatoes. This will lead to shortages and higher prices for the next month or so.
Brussel Sprouts are still high in price as the market is very tight.
Romaine and leaf lettuce have steadied. Iceberg harvest numbers are down. Prices on all lettuce remains slightly higher.
Celery is extremely high due to low harvest numbers.
Cauliflower prices are a little elevated and broccoli is likely headed that direction.
Local asparagus is a bit higher but outstanding quality. The asparagus market in general is steady and great quality.
Navel orange market is steady, with Valencia’s starting to mix in.
Melons including cantaloupe and honeydew are still imported but will be transitioning to Southern California with the next few weeks.
We are seeing cabbage escalate a bit in price as the transition from southern crops to northern crops has begun and there is a slight market gap.
Yellow squash and zucchini remain great spring items as the quantity is plentiful and quality and appearance are fantastic.
Both red and yellow peppers up in price due to the transition in growing season. Green peppers are steady and price is trending down.
The lime market is falling. Quality and harvest numbers are improving. The 200 count have come down in price, the larger fruits remain harder to find and higher in price.
Avocado supply remains low and prices remain high.