Produce Market Report for May 6, 2022

Market Alert! Limes and Avocados

We are starting to see relief in the lime and avocado markets. The fill rates of limes are improving some. Larger fruits are still tough to find. The avocado market is starting to come down some, but the market is still volatile. 60 and 70 ct. avocadoes are still expensive, but 48 ct. are coming down in price.

Apples: Steady

Asparagus: Up $6-8, larger sizes higher

Avocados: Down $5

Bananas: Steady

Broccoli: Steady

Cauliflower: Steady

Celery: Up Significantly

Corn: Up $2

Cucumbers: Down $3

Grapes: Up $4

Lemons: Steady

Lettuce: Remains active, slightly tighter

Limes: Finally, coming off some

Melons: Lopes and Dews remain higher

Onions: Remain strong but easing a bit

Peppers: Green coming down some

Potatoes: Steady

Shallots: Stable

Squash: Stabilizing, good value

Strawberries: Steady, good quality

Tomatoes: Rounds down $2

More Market News:

Peeled Garlic prices are trending upward. Supplies are tight and you may see some different brands than you normally expect.
Brussel Sprouts are still high in price as the market is tighter.
Smaller sizes of oranges are still tough to find. Larger oranges (56 ct.) are in better supply than smaller sizes. The transition from navels to Valencias is near, but there is currently a harvest gap. Late harvest navel oranges are good, but harder to find.
Melons including cantaloupe and honeydew are rising in price as the market is tight. These are currently imported. Once the domestic crops start to be harvested, we should see relief.
We are seeing cabbage escalate a bit in price as the transition from southern crops to northern crops has begun and there is a slight market gap.
Green peppers are starting to come down in price a bit after weeks of high prices.
Yellow squash and zucchini are great spring items as the quantity is plentiful and quality and appearance are fantastic.
Red grapes are still strong on good quality product. The transition to crops from Mexico is about 2 weeks away and we should see some relief once that happens.
White grapes are way up in price. We are seeing some amber color which is typical at the end of the harvest. Amber color does not affect the quality or taste of the fruit, but can be undesirable in appearance.