Produce Market Report for April 15, 2022

Market Alert! Texas border crossing

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has placed additional safety inspections in place for trucks entering the U.S. from Mexico. These safety inspections take hours, not minutes, and are in addition to federally mandated ones already in place. This has caused a backlog of trucks miles long, and reports indicate truck drivers have waited more than 30 hours to cross over the weekend. As a result of this situation, we have received information from several growers stating that Mexican truck drivers have caused a blockage as a result of the new policy. Friday, there were delays, however, it is now a total blockage at the Texas border crossings.
Drivers carrying products from Mexico to the U.S. say these inspections are inhumane and they are without having food, water, and access to toilets making this an impossible situation. This blockage will create disruptions within the U.S. and of course, this event comes when harvesting in Mexico will already be reduced this week because of Holy Week. The following commodities may be affected by the blockage: Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Avocados, Limes, Chiles, and others.

Apples: Steady

Asparagus: Up $2, still a good value

Avocados: Up significantly, border issues

Bananas: Steady

Broccoli: Down $4

Cauliflower: Remains strong, easing a bit

Celery: Steady

Corn: Down $6

Cucumbers: Steady

Grapes: Steady good quality

Lemons: Steady

Lettuce: Down again this week. Better quality

Limes: Remain very high

Melons: Up $6

Onions: Remain strong but easing a bit

Peppers: Green up $6

Potatoes: Steady

Shallots: Stable

Squash: Stabilizing, good value

Strawberries: Up $2

Tomatoes: Up $2

More Market News:

The iceberg, green leaf and romainelettuce market is steadily easing off. Markets are close to normal for this time of year. Good harvest capacity. Romaine hearts are still a little tight. Green leaf is seeing normal harvest numbers and the market is the best it can be.

Cauliflower is getting better. Harvest numbers are rising and product is becoming more readily available.
Celery is softening up a bit as the harvest is stabilizing.
Brussels sprouts and asparagus are starting to see higher prices and shorter supplies.
Smaller sizes of oranges are getting tougher to find. Larger oranges are in better supply than smaller sizes.
The Florida grapefruit season is over. We are now seeing imported grapefruit.
Melons including cantaloupe and honeydew are rising in price as supplies are tighter.
Green peppers are very high in price as supplies are tight.
Yellow squash is coming down. We are seeing relief from the past weeks of shortages.
Limes are still very high and we have not seen any relief yet. Quality is marginal. We don’t expect relief until the 1st or 2nd week of May.