Produce Market Report for April 7, 2022

Avocado Alert!

The avocado market is in an extreme situation. Prices are very elevated as there are less avocados being imported. Less farms are harvesting than usual. We expect avocados to be short in supply with very high pricing for about another month.

Apples: Steady

Asparagus: Remains steady, good value

Avocados: Pricing remains strong, up $5-6

Bananas: Steady

Broccoli: Steady

Cauliflower: Remains strong

Celery: Up $2

Corn: Remains very high

Cucumbers: Steady

Grapes: Steady good quality

Lemons: Steady

Lettuce: Down again this week. Better quality

Limes: Remain very high

Melons: Up $2-3

Onions: Up again, higher pricing expected for the next several weeks

Peppers: Green up $2

Potatoes: Steady

Shallots: Stable

Squash: Yellow remains higher

Strawberries: Up $4

Tomatoes: Steady

More Market News:

The iceberg, green leaf and romaine lettuce market is steadily easing off. Romaine hearts are still a little tight. Green leaf is seeing normal harvest numbers and the market is going down.

Cauliflower is extremely short. Our orders are being allocated and prorated. Expect higher prices and possible different sizes in heads.

Broccoli is going up and down every few days, but the prices are easing a bit.

Celery is softening up a bit as the harvest is stabilizing.

Brussels sprouts and asparagus are still holding good prices and supply is strong.

Green peppers are very high in price as supplies are tight.

Yellow squash is still experiencing short supplies and higher prices.

Limes are still very high and we have not seen any relief yet. Quality is marginal. We don’t expect relief until the 1st or 2nd week of May.