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Gifford’s Bacon

Nashville, Tennessee

Always dry-cured and hickory smoked, Gifford’s bacon has just the right amount of flavor.

Sliced – Item 18569 10 lb. case

Slab – Item 18519 10 lb. case

Ends & Pieces – Item 19273

North Country Charcuterie’s Coffee Bacon

Columbus, Ohio

With hints of coffee and a mouthwatering sweetness, no breakfast is complete without this signature bacon, seasoned with ground coffee, brown sugar, salt & pepper.

Sliced Coffee Bacon – Item 00459 3 lb. case

Benton’s Bacon

Madisonville, Tennessee

Hickory smoked in their smokehouse using an old-fashioned wood stove, each slice of Benton’s bacon has a distinctive , full, country flavor.

Sliced – Item 95022 1 lb. pack

Sliced – Item 95005 8 lb. pack

Slab – Item 95027 12 lb. pack

Broadbent’s Bacon

Kuttawa, Kentucky

A pleasingly sweet, yet milder smoked bacon for an unforgettable flavor. This country bacon is dry cured and applewood smoked.

Sliced – Item 95032 5 lb. pack

Slab – Item 95080 5 lb. slab

North Country Smokehouse’s Bacon

Claremont, New Hampshire

The slabs are marinated for days in dark maple syrup brine and double smoked to create hearty, thick-cut bacon that’s more boldly flavorful than you’d expect.

Sliced – Item 00778 10 lb. case

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